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New Service Management for Tracking Incidents, Requests and Projects

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In accordance with Strategic Technology Plan Initiative 5.2 “Project Management/Help Desk Management System”, Technology Services has implemented a launch of a new system, “EasyVista”. EasyVista will replace our current systems for tracking incidents, requests for service and projects.

One of the great features of the new system will be immediate email notifications to keep you informed on the progress/status of your request or incident. You will receive 3 different types of email notifications related to your incident or request for service:


  1. Notification that your request or incident has been received and is recorded in our tracking system.
  2. A validation request when your issue or request has been completed.  This message enables us to confirm that you are satisfied with the manner in which your incident or request was resolved/completed.
  3. A request to complete a brief survey once you have validated so that we can ensure you are satisfied with the closure of your incident or request.


 A primary goal of the new system is to get your feedback regarding the quality and responsiveness to your requests or issues.  

Posted by Jason Smith at 03/05/2014 10:24:09 AM