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New Computer Management System

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In Accordance with Strategic Technology Plan Initiative 3.2, Dell's Kace Management solution will be implemented to provide centralized management of functions such as software distribution, software license management and computer lease replacement tasks.  A campus-wide deployment of the program began Monday, July 30th and will impact all Samford-owned computers.

For Windows-based computers (XP, Vista, Windows 7), the installation process will be initiated when each user logs in to theircomputer, or restarts their computer once the policy has been applied to the Microsoft Active Directory domain.

For Macintosh computers, the installation process will be remotely installed using the Apple Remote Desktop utility.  The installation process should not require any interaction or intervention on the part of our users and will remove the current antivirus program prior to installing Sophos.


The installation process has been widely tested, and we do not anticipate any computers experiencing a problem.  In the event that your computer should experience an issue once the software push occurs, please contact the technology Services Helpdesk at 726-2662, or via email at




Posted by David Hakanson at 08/01/2012 07:39:59 AM