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Transcript Request Instructions

Transcript Request Form in PDF (Form opens in a new window)

Instructions for requesting a transcript vary upon the type of student, whether currently enrolled Samford students (and graduates since Spring 2003) or alumni who graduated prior to Spring 2003 and/or students without University portal access. Regardless of type of student, the following general principles apply:

  • Requests for transcripts, grades or other information such as courses completed cannot be issued to an outside party unless the student has given the Student Records Office written permission to release this information to a specific party, as allowed under The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Transcripts are generally available or mailed within 1-2 business days from receipt of the request. During peak times--i.e., registration, beginning of a semester, graduation--response time may not be as expedient. During such times, please allow for additional processing time.
  • Transcript requests will not be honored if the student is indebted to the University. Any student aware of a "Transcript Hold" should contact the Bursar's office at (205) 726-2816 to clear the hold prior to requesting a transcript.

Currently Enrolled Samford Students and Graduates Since Spring 2003:
Currently enrolled Samford students can request transcripts in the traditional method as detailed in the instructions for alumni below. But currently enrolled Samford students also have a couple of options--available only to them--that can speed up the request process.

Online Request.
This is the preferred option for current students and recent alums (who still have Portal access). What are the benefits of making an online transcript request?

  • You supply the recipient's address--you can even look up a college's address via the available link--which saves time and reduces confusion
  • You can indicate clearly when the transcript should be sent--now, after grades are posted, after degree is posted
  • You can request a faxed transcript easily by suppling the fax number and recipient's name
  • Response time in processing the transcript request is faster
  • Please note that address lines are limited to 30 characters each. Longer addresses will get cut off.

Detailed instructions on how to make an online transcript request

Email Request. This option is available only to currently or recently enrolled Samford students and only from their active Samford e-mail account. The e-mail must contain the following information:

  • Name and address where you wish the transcript sent (please include the correct zip code)
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Student Number (SSN or Banner ID)
  • Your phone number (so we may contact you, if necessary)
  • Semester/year of last attendance at Samford (or let us know if you are currently enrolled)

Contact the Student Records Office for more information.

Alumni (prior to Spring 2003) and/or Students without University Portal Access can request transcripts in person, by mail, or by fax. Please note that transcripts for alumni without an active Samford e-mail account may not be requested by e-mail. Transcripts can be mailed directly to you or to another recipient (school, employer, state board, etc.). Please also note that transcripts for coursework completed prior to 1987 may take longer to process than the usual 1-2 business day estimate which requires more time to complete these requests.

Ordering a transcript of your academic coursework at Samford University is easy - just send us the following:

  • The name and address where you wish the transcript sent (please include the correct zip code)
  • Your full name when you attended Samford
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Student Number (usually your SSN)
  • Your signature (required by Federal Law, which is why we cannot accept phone requests)
  • Approximate dates of attendance or date of degree
  • Your phone number (so we may contact you, if necessary)

You may want to print the transcript request form, and fill it out instead of sending a letter.

Send the above to: Student Records Office, Samford University, 800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL 35229-7030. You may also FAX your request to "Student Records" (205) 726-2908.

Transcripts Sent Electronically, by Fax, or by Federal Express:
If you have an immediate need for a transcript in order to register at another institution of higher learning, for employment or for insurance purposes, a transcript may be sent electronically (by e-mail) or faxed at your request. You must still provide all the information required for an official transcript.

  • E-Mailed transcripts are available for recent alums (1990's to the present). However, transcripts for alumni from earlier years might not be available in electronic format.
  • Faxed documents are generally NOT considered official; however, this is at the discretion of the receiver.
  • Express delivery services such as Federal Express must be arranged and paid in advance by the student. The student must provide a FedEx account number; credit card numbers will no longer be accepted. Please note that Federal Express will NOT deliver to a post office box, so please provide a physical street address for all priority mail requests.

Our FAX Number:
If you are trying to meet an impending deadline, you may wish to FAX your request to us via (205) 726-2908.

Additional Questions:
For more information about transcripts, please call (205) 726-2911 or send email to one of the Student Records staff. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Central Time Zone, Monday through Friday.

Transcript Request Form in PDF (Form opens in a new window)

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