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How to Check on the Status of a Transcript Request

How to Check on the Status of a Transcript Request

  • Click on the Banner tab
  • Click on Student & Financial Aid
  • Click on Student Records
  • Click on View Status of Transcript Requests
  • Under Transcript Order Date:
    Date Ordered - Choose the date you made the request and click Submit.
    Note: You may see more transcript requests than you recall initiating yourself. All transcript requests made since Summer 2007, when Banner went online--whether submitted in person, by mail or fax, or via the Portal--will be displayed via this link. In some cases, an unofficial or "SR" (short for Student Records) copy of your transcript may have been run for internal purposes only (i.e., to process a degree/graduation check, for advisor's review, etc.).
  • Under Transcript Order Status:
    Print Date & Sent Date - Until the transcript has been printed and flagged as sent, you will see the following statement: "Your order is still in processing. Please check again at another time."

Please allow a couple of business days for an online transcript request to be processed. When it has been printed and flagged as sent, the date will appear in the Transcript Order Status screen. FYI: In most cases, a transcript is mailed the day it's printed.

Detailed instructions on how to check on the status of a transcript request or for answers to questions.

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