Samford University

How to Make a Request for an Official Transcript

Detailed instructions on how to complete the online transcript request

  1. Click on the Banner tab
  2. Click on Student & Financial Aid
  3. Click on Student Records
  4. Click on Request Printed Transcript
    • Note: Holds will prevent viewing of grades, unofficial transcripts, and the ability to complete a request for an official transcript through the Portal. You can review your holds after clicking View Holds in the previous menu screen. Holds must be cleared before transcript requests can be honored.
  5. Under Transcript Request Address, choose only ONE of the following options:
    • External College Code - Link available to look up code of a school OTHER THAN SAMFORD
    • One of Your Addresses - If an address that appears on this drop down list is no longer valid, please initiate a change of address via the Portal or directly with the Student Records Office. Click here for more information.
    • Internal College - i.e., Cumberland School of Law, McWhorter School of Pharmacy, etc.
    • Issue to - For a third party not covered by one of the above choices or for a school address that is different from the one provided when choosing the External College Code option
    • NOTE: Do not enter Samford as the transcript recipient. If your transcript needs to be sent to a college or school within the Samford community (Pharmacy, Law, etc.), please use the Internal College option above. If the transcript is being issued to you, use One of Your Addresses or Issue to (if the address is different). Do NOT use External College Code if the transcript is being sent within the Samford community.
    • After choosing an address, click Continue.
  6. Under Select Transcript Type, complete the following:
    • Transcript Type (Required Field) - Choose OFFICIAL
    • Mailing Address - Make adjustments or add COMPLETE mailing address. Failure to provide a complete address may result in your transcript not reaching its destination.
    • Note: If you are requesting a faxed transcript, but don't need it mailed, you can enter that info on the first address line. Example: FAX 555-205-5555, Attn: Dr. Zed.
      Nation - Leave blank if within the United States.
    • Note: If you used the link to Look Up College Code (under Transcript Request Address), the Nation field will automatically be entered. If within the United States, you can/should delete that data. It is not necessary for mailing purposes.
    • Area Code & Phone Number - Used when you want us to FAX a transcript. Do not enter phone information if the transcript is to be mailed. Remember to provide the country code if the FAX is being sent internationally.
    • NOTE: Faxed transcripts are NOT considered official. Some schools/businesses may not accept a faxed transcript, so be sure to check with the recipient before initiating the request.
    • When complete, click Continue.
  7. Under Transcript Request Options, complete the following:
    • Number of Copies - Default is 1. Two (2) copies per recipient is the current max.
    • Official Transcript - Default is Yes. Do not change to No.
    • In Progress Cut-off Term (Required Field) - Alumni should choose "None" while all currently enrolled students should select a term.
    • Print Transcript - Choose ASAP, Hold for grades, or Hold for degree.
    • Delivery Method (Required Field) - Choose Standard Mailing, Fax-United States, or Fax-Internationally. Do NOT choose "None."
    • NOTE: For transcript requests that require expedited service--such as Federal Express--please use the printed transcript request option and provide credit card details or a Fed Ex account number. Fed Ex is not an option via the online transcript request.
    • After completing the above, click Continue.
  8. Under Transcript Request Summary, you should now see an overview of your transcript request. (If you need to make a change, click the back button on your Web browser.)
    • Click Submit Request if the information is correct.
  9. You should now see a message that your request has been submitted. You can enter another request by choosing the link at the bottom.