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Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity Policy: A process to manage academic dishonesty issues

The Academic Integrity Policy offers a process for adjudicating academic integrity violations by undergraduate students.  The document linked below is not intended to supplant existing graduate or professional school academic integrity processes.  This process may be used by graduate or professional programs that do not have an academic integrity process in place. 

Samford University - Academic Integrity Policy for 2013-2014 

Samford University - Academic Integrity Report Sheet

Course Attributes

Course attributes are placed on courses for a variety of reasons. They help identify courses that are taught overseas, those which satisfy a particular area (i.e., General Education Requirement, Political Science Subfield, University Fellows Global Studies designation, etc.), and are even used by the Bursar's Office for fee assessment. All attributes attached to a course are visible through the online class schedule, but only a few are actually searchable from the list of drop down attribute choices (as seen in the online class schedule). The guide below can assist you and your advisee when trying to make sense of an attribute and/or when looking for a class that will fulfill a stated requirement. The files below will be updated as necessary. If you encounter an attribute that is not listed in the one of the files below, please contact us by clicking here.  

Samford Codes for Course Attributes (2012-13) in Excel (Sortable) (updated 7/23/12)
Samford Codes for Course Attributes (2012-13) in PDF (updated 7/23/12)

Codes for Majors, Minors, Concentrations, Degrees, Etc.

Codes for Samford's various degrees, majors, minors, etc., are listed in the files below. Use the codes if/when assisting an advisee to complete a Change of Academic Program form (aka Change of Major) or an Application for Undergraduate Degree. Codes listed in the files below are considered the active, current codes for existing programs (2014-15), but if a student is still matriculating in an earlier program that has since been phased out, the code might not be listed. If you have questions about a code, please contact us by clicking here.  

Samford Codes for Majors, Minors, & Concentrations (2014-15) in Excel (Sortable) (updated 7/2/14)
Samford Codes for Majors, Minors, & Concentrations (2014-15) in PDF (updated 7/2/14)

Department Chair List

The Department Chair List is a list of chairs (or directors or coordinators) of academic departments and programs, as seen in the latest catalog.* These individuals are responsible for implementing policy with regards to academic programs offered within that department. They are often the primary advisors for students pursuing their programs (although many departments have multiple advisors), and have the responsibility to grant permissions for various requests. The list will be updated as necessary. If your department needs to make an update to the list, please contact us by clicking here. (*Academic deans, associate deans, etc., are also included for the various colleges/schools on campus.)


GPA Questions


The following tools can assist students and advisors to evaluate a student's GPA.  

Graduation/Degree Audit-Related


The following documents will assist a student review their course of study, and prepare for graduation. 

Note: Click one of the links below for a list of codes for Samford majors, minors, and concentrations for use in completing the Application for Undergraduate Degree and/or the Change of Academic Program form. The Excel file is sortable.

Guardian List


 The Guardian List is a list of department contacts who are responsible for assigning advisors to students based on their major. This list is shared with incoming freshman and transfer students, but can also be consulted by Samford students who are planning to change their major. The list will be updated as necessary. If your department needs to make an update to the list, please contact us by clicking here.  

Incoming and Transfer Credit


The documents below will assist the student in reviewing their courses transferability to/from Samford. For questions about incoming transfer credit, contact Nancy Bales at



Information pertaining to registration using Banner's Self-Service can be found below.



Varsity and Physical Activity Course Restrictions


The following documents will assist you in reviewing the various degree requirements for undergraduate students. Please consult DegreeWorks for additional assistance.

Forms That Require an Advisor's Signature/Approval


 Forms that require an advisor's signature or approval for coursework at Samford are listed below. 

Forms that require an advisor's signature or approval for coursework completed outside of Samford are linked below. 

A form for coursework that should apply to a specific degree requirement (Samford or transfer work) is linked below.

Forms to assist a student prepare and proceed through registration are shown below. 

Trial Study List/Registration Form in PDF (revised 9/15/09)
(this form is applicable to all students)

Registration Permit Override Request in PDF (revised 2/22/10)
(this form may require an advisor's approval, but it depends on the permit override needed)

Other forms of interest:

         Catalog Requirements Change Petition in PDF (revised 8/8/11)
         Change of Academic Program Form (aka Change of Major) in PDF (revised 4/16/12)