Samford University

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Code of Values

We as the Samford community affirm the value of a peaceful and purposeful community, founded on the moral and ethical integrity of students and faculty. We commit ourselves to the Christian values on which Samford University was founded. We expect that our commitment to mutual responsibility and a spirit of cooperation will create a community that is orderly, caring and just.

Worth of the Individual
We value the intrinsic worth of every individual in the community. Our respect for other individuals includes an appreciation of cultural backgrounds different from our own, an understanding of different attitudes and opinions, and an awareness of the consequences of our actions on the broader community.

We value personal responsibility and recognize the individual’s need for physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional wholeness. We value the full development of every student in terms of a confident and constructive self-image, of a commitment to self-discipline and of a responsible self-expression.

We value a campus community that encourages personal growth and academic development in an atmosphere of positive Christian influence. We affirm the necessity of academic standards of conduct that allow students and faculty to live and study together. We value the fair and efficient administration of these standards of conduct.

Respect for Property and the Environment
We value the rights and privileges of owning and using property, both personal and university, and the benefits of preservation and maintenance of property and of our natural resources. In our stewardship of property, we recognize the accountability of our actions to the future of the Samford community.

Respect for Community Authority
We value our privileges and responsibilities as members of the university community and as citizens of the community beyond the campus. We value the community standards of conduct expressed in our system of laws and value the fair administration of those laws, including university, municipal, state and federal laws.

Allegiance to these values obligates the Samford University student to refrain from and discourages behaviors that threaten the freedom and respect every individual deserves.