Samford University


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Federal Work/Study earnings will be paid biweekly in the form of a check or direct deposit payable to the student. This award does not credit to the account of the student as payment toward University charges.

Job TitleSemesterDatePostedClassification
Athletic Academic Enhancement Program: Office Assistant Fall 2014 2014-08-19 Federal Work Study
Athletics Administration: Student Office Assistant Summer 2014 2014-05-07 Federal Work Study
Brock School of Business: Student Assistant Fall 2014 2014-08-19 Federal Work Study
Campus Recreation Fall 2014 Federal Work Study
Counseling Services: Graduate Student Office Assistant Fall 2014 2014-07-13 Federal Work Study
Divinity School: Research Assistant Fall 2014 2014-06-26 Federal Work Study
Pharmacy - Drug Information Student Assistant Fall 2014 2014-08-07 Federal Work Study
Pharmacy School: Student Affairs Student Assistant Fall 2014 2014-07-19 Federal Work Study
Residence Life: Undergound Student Assistant Fall 2014 2014-08-03 Federal Work Study
Technology Services: Service Desk Technical Assistant Fall 2014 2014-07-16 Federal Work Study
University Library: Special Collection Student Assistant Summer 2014 2014-05-09 Federal Work Study
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