Samford University

Student Employment

Samford University provides work opportunities for students through the two following programs: The Federal Work Study program (FWS) is need-based, as determined by the FAFSA, and the Institutional Student Employment Program (ISEP) which is not need-based.

Finding A Job

Follow the steps below to search for and obtain a job through one of Samford's Student Employment Programs:

  1. Students may contact employers about on-campus jobs directly.
  2. A list of available on campus positions with job description, job requirements and contact information are available from the menu on the left.
  3. A list of job possibilities through the Community Work Service Program are available for those with federal work study funds. Students will work with the Office of Financial Aid to obtain this type of employment.

I've Found A Student Job, What's Next?

Complete Employment Process with Human Resources

You must complete the employment paperwork before you begin working.

View a video tutorial to guide you through completing the required paperwork.

What do I bring to Human Resources?

  • Completed forms along with appropriate documents for the I-9 form and your banking information.
  • Original, unexpired documents for the I-9 form. No scans, copies or faxes can be used. See the list of acceptable documents by clicking here. Some examples of acceptable documents are:

•Unexpired U.S. passport OR

•Unexpired driver's license AND original U.S. Social Security Card OR

•Unexpired driver's license AND original/certified birth certificate

What else should I bring?

A voided check or routing and account information from your bank if you want to participate in direct deposit

What should I complete before I go to Human Resources?

You can print, complete and bring the forms below with you to your meeting. Human Resources staff will be available to assist you with completion of these forms but cannot give tax advice.

I-9 form (list of acceptable documents)



Confidentiality Agreement

Direct Deposit form (remember to bring a check or information from bank)

What is the next step after completing paperwork?

After completing all requirements for student employment, you will receive a Student Employment Authorization Card as confirmation that you are eligible to begin working. No one should allow a student to perform any type of work without seeing their card.

Show this card to your supervisor and begin work!!