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    Client Publications

    This educational service serves as a guide to prescribing medications for health care providers (specifically prescribers and pharmacists). At times, misinformation is presented that can lead to the misuse of medications. Each one-page newsletter presents evidence-based data/information and recommendations supported by the literature to ensure medications are prescribed appropriately.

    Each Monday morning, one of these two publications is emailed to SUGDIS subscribers. A rotation schedule has been developed, but priority of events will dictate which resource will be sent.

    Current Literature and Information for Pharmacists (CLIPS)

    Weekly Newsletter (1997)

    CLIPs is a weekly newsletter created to notify pharmacists (in addition to other health care professionals) of current literature news. A brief review of recently published materials is provided to inform pharmacists of activities that may be applied in their daily practice. Each issue will contain either a summarization of new therapy recommendations/guidelines or examples of how pharmacists can be actively involved in providing pharmaceutical care and/or educating patients and health care practitioners. Issues may also provide journal citations pertaining to key articles and quick synopsis that would be beneficial to improve pharmacists’ daily practice skills.

    New Drug FAX Sheet

    Weekly Newsletter (1996)

    The New Drug FAX Sheet is a weekly newsletter developed to notify health care professionals of current medication information/news. The topics will be presented in a few different formats. These include a brief, one page review (which includes indication, review of clinical studies, safety/drug interactions, dosing, and conclusion) of a newly approved/soon-to-be-approved medication or any new "facts" pertaining to mediations (e.g., new indications, market removal, new warnings/safety issues, etc.).

    Pharmacy Precis

    Quarterly Newsletter (1982)

    The Pharmacy Precis is a quarterly newsletter addressing either new drug reviews, drug class reviews, new breakthroughs in medicine, and current topics of interest to all health care professionals.