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Samford in the News – March 17-23, 2014

Posted by Philip Poole on 2014-03-24

A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list. 

Hale Continues to Generate Media Mentions for Samford

Emmy Award-winning actor Tony Hale, a 1992 graduate, continues to generate media attention for his alma mater. His current television series, "Veep," returns in April and several recent features about the show have included references to Samford. "Samford was like its own little community. … The education, the aesthetic, it all looked just like you would imagine a college would look like," Hale was quoted as saying in a recent story distributed by al.com.

Samford Connected to New Gardendale City Schools

Samford has been mentioned in several recent stories about the new Gardendale city school system which will begin next year. Interim pharmacy dean Michael Hogue is a new member of the school board and has been quoted several times in stories. Education associate dean Jodi Newton is serving as a consultant to the new board. The Samford connection for both usually is cited in the stories. Newton spoke to the board about the relationship between a school board and the superintendent and the separation of duties. She also offered tips on what qualities to look for in a superintendent.

Alumni Featured in Bloomberg Business Week

Samford alumni and fraternity brothers Ted Alling, Allan Davis and Barry Large, founders of Chattanooga-based Access America, were featured in a Bloomberg Business Week profile that was picked up by several other media outlets. "Every business starts with a need," said Large. "We had a person in the office who would call trucking lines all day long, they had their brother's sister's cousin who had a flatbed, that's who we'd use." From there, the three grew Access America into a multimillion dollar business. 

Tarvin Quoted in Story on Potential Deadly Traffic Hazard

In a story used several times by Birmingham's CBS affiliate, physics faculty member Tommy Tarvin said the impact of a cinder block dropped on a car moving at 60 miles per hour would be the equivalent of 10,000 pounds. The story focused on recent incidents along Birmingham's U.S. 280 where moving cars were hit with cinder blocks dropped from an overpass. 

Student Featured in National Profile

Senior entrepreneurship major and student-athlete Brittany Hoffman is featured in a recent profile distributed nationally by Value Penguin. Hoffman discussed her parents' influence as entrepreneurs, the value of internships and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. "As an entrepreneur you are your own boss, so if you do not want to do something that means it is not getting done," Hoffman said. "Entrepreneurship requires a lot of self starting, self motivation, organization, and positivity because you will most likely fail a lot before you succeed."

Based on the university's media tracking services, Samford received 103 mentions in various media outlets during this period. Other stories that generated multiple local, regional and/or national attention included athletics, arts events, a local congressional debate scheduled on campus later in March, and a previously reported interview with law school dean John Carroll about a Birmingham Police prayer walk.


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