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Samford Students Spending January in London, Other Locales

Posted by Mary Wimberley on 2003-01-03

About 114 Samford University students will spend January studying a variety of subjects at the school's London Study Centre in England. A new course, "tea and science," will explore why the British culture has produced such scientific minds as Charles Darwin, William Smith, who is considered the father of geology, and Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin. Thanks to contact with a Samford graduate who is now a doctoral student at Cambridge University, the all-female group in the science course will experience a formal meal in a college hall.

Other courses during the two two-week terms include history, English, nursing, pharmacy, journalism, geography and business---all taught with a British slant. The 18 students in the art and theatre course will attend performances and take backstage tours at historic Drury Lane and Royal National theaters, and explore art at major galleries in London.

Students and faculty who departed Birmingham on Dec. 28 for the first term experienced New Year's Eve celebrations in London, with a trip to Stonehenge and Bath planned for New Year's Day.

In other study abroad courses during January, about 101 Samford students will study in the Bahamas, the Amazon, Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Morocco.


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