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    Sport and Recreation Ministry Minor

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    The minor in sport and recreational ministry is intended for individuals who want to use sport and recreation as a platform for ministry in a church or parachurch settings, community organizations, camps, overseas missions, etc. A collaboration with Upward Sports, the goal of the program is to train professionals who want to use sports as a platform for ministry; it’s ideal for any student who has a passion for both sports and Christ.

    The program includes both faith-based courses such as Christian Theology, Christian Ministry and Faith Development. Those are combined with sport administration courses in leadership, programming, facility and event operations, as well as sports business. 

    Courses are taught by faculty in the Religion and Kinesiology Departments. The program includes two practicum experiences to give you practical experience in the sports ministry field, each of which can be tailored to your specific career goals. 

    Plan of Study+

      Course Credits

    KINE 142 Introduction to Sport Administration
    KINE 280 Sport Facility and Event Operations
    KINE 325 Practicum in Sports and Recreation Ministry
    KINE 380 Sports Marketing and Finance
    KINE 390 Leadership and Programming in Sports Recreation
    RELG 221 Christian Theology

    Religion Elective (choose one of following; 4 credits required) 

    RELG 204 Formation for Christian Ministry
    RELG 210 Foundations of Congregational Studies  
    RELG 310 Theories of Faith Development

    Total Required Credits: 21  
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