Samford University

Elections Committee

Committee on Elections

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Committee Members

    Terri Wensel, Pharmacy, Chair
    Bill Service, Business
    Osvaldo Padilla, Divinity
    Kristie Chandler, Education
    Alyssa DiRusso, Law
    Jennifer Taylor, Library
    Jennifer Steele, Nursing
    Scott Fisk, The Arts
    Lee Farquhar, Arts and Sciences
    Alan Jung, Kinesiology

Ex-Officio Members

    Chair of the Faculty


This Committee shall have responsibility in two areas of election procedure:

  1. Faculty Officers. The Committee on Elections shall supervise the election of Faculty  Officers.  The Committee shall nominate candidates for the offices, seek their approval, and circulate their names at least two weeks before the election.  The Committee shall prepare ballots for the election and count them.  If no one receives a simple majority for an office, a run-off between the two top nominees will occur on that day.  Annual elections by secret ballot shall be held at the end of the spring semester meeting of the University Faculty.
  2. Standing Committee Members.  The Committee on Elections shall review and confirm members and nominate officers of the Standing Committees in accordance with the procedure specified in Article VI Section 2.  The Committee on Elections shall implement a rotation schedule whereby one-third of the total number of faculty comprising the voting membership for each committees shall be assigned for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years.  For committees having a total voting membership which is not evenly divisible by three, the number of faculty in each rotation group will be made as nearly equal as possible.

To assure continuity in the Committee on Elections membership, the Chair of the Committee will serve as a member of the Committee for the year following the year of office, but a new Chair shall be elected each year by the elected members of the Committee.

Members of the Committee on Elections shall be elected by their respective schools at the spring semester meeting of the University Faculty.

Composition (Faculty):
Arts and Sciences (1)   Education (1)     Arts (1)
Business (1)                Law (1)            Nursing (1)
Divinity (1)                  Library (1)        Pharmacy (1)

Ex-officio (non-voting):
Chair of the Faculty

Total:  9 voting; 1 non-voting