Samford University

Diversity Committee

Committee on Diversity

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Committee Members

    Lee Ann Reynolds, Arts and Sciences
    Carlos Aleman, Arts and Sciences
    Heather West, Arts and Sciences
    Bill Belski, Business
    Robert Smith, Divinity
    Michele Haralson, Education
    Rusty Johnson (Chair), Law
    Rachel Cohen, Library
    Stephanie Wynn, Nursing
    Demondrae Thurman, School of the Arts
    P.J. Hughes, Pharmacy

Ex-Officio Members

    Provost or Designee - Brad Creed and Denise Gregory
    Adult Degree Program Representative - Chris McCaghren
    Staff Advisory Council Representative - Sandra Boyken
    Student - Micah Green-Holloway


In an effort to realize the University's core values and be consistent with the Faculty Statement on Diversity, this committee shall have responsibility in three areas:

1. Structure.  The Diversity Committee shall promote institutional
    inclusiveness, equality, and diversity by:
    a. Reviewing and reporting on efforts of faculty ensure and
        promote diversity
    b. Reviewing and reporting on efforts of admissions and other 
        administrative branches to recruit and retain a diverse student

2. Process.  The Diversity Committee shall promote efforts to build 
    a campus culture that promotes equality, inclusiveness, and 
    diversity by:
    a. Reviewing student life, student organizations, and student
        ministries and reporting findings
    b. Recommending the establishment of policies and procedures 
        addressing issues of equality and diversity
        among faculty, and assisting in developing these
        where appropriate
    c.  Analyzing best practices among other universities with well-
        established diversity programs, and recommending, as
        appropriate, those to be incorporated into the campus culture
    d. Reviewing the Faculty Statement on Diversity annually and 
        recommending revisions
    e. Promoting activities that celebrate diversity
    f.  Reviewing the inclusiveness of campus programming and
    g. Finding educational opportunities and raising awareness of 
        these among members of the University
    h. Supporting initiatives that encourage University partnerships
        with diverse off-campus communities

3. Advocacy.  The Diversity Committee may address actions and
    statements within the University that disempower or disaffirm
    anyone based on that person's group membership by:
    a. Observing University communication and recommending
        language that may be more appropriate
    b. Reviewing the intellectual, social, and spiritual events on
        campus and suggesting means of enhancing diversity where
    c. Advocating against discrimination
    d. Serving as a resource for information and moral support on
        issues related to group identity and diversity

Composition (Faculty):
Arts and Sciences (3)    Education (1)    Arts (1)
Business (1)                 Law (1)            Pharmacy (1)
Divinity (1)                  Nursing (1)        Library (1)

Ex-Officio (non-voting):
Provost or Designee; Metro program Representative; Staff Advisory Council Representative; Student

Total:  11 voting; 4 non-voting