Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Organizational Leadership is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform as effective leaders within their organizations and society.

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Organizational Leadership focuses on building leadership skills that help student grow and thrive in today’s competitive job market. Crossing disciplines to create a unique and comprehensive course of study, this curriculum combines best practices in leadership with current theoretical frameworks. This approach provides students with the knowledge and skills to succeed as a leader in virtually any organizational settings.

Our innovative and comprehensive curriculum is taught by experienced practitioners who bring the classroom to life with meaningful, real-world examples. Experts in the fields of human resources, organizational psychology, information systems, and management join with Samford faculty members to help students learn the critical communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills necessary for successful organizational leadership.

Program Goals

 Students who earn the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Organizational Leadership will demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge of the various processes involved in the effective leadership of people in organizations.
  2. The ability to identify, understand, and apply leadership concepts in various organizational settings.
  3. Knowledge and abilities required to implement a process of continuous personal growth as a leader.
  4. Knowledge of a manager’s role in utilizing technology and interfacing with technology.
  5. Knowledge of the legal frameworks in which organizations operate.
  6. Knowledge of the ways in which human behavior influences leadership success in organizations.
  7. An understanding of the impact issues of culture and diversity can have on an organization and ways in which to positively and effectively address those issues.
  8. The ability to perform ethically and responsibly within professional and academic settings.
  9. Oral communication skills appropriate to a professional setting.
  10. Written communication skills appropriate to a professional setting.
  11. Thorough understanding of a variety of research techniques.
  12. Understanding of how ethics impact the workplace.
  13. Understanding of how rules and regulations impact the workplace.

Course of Study

Course of Study

Organizational Leadership 24-Month Degree Plan

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