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    Samford University Faculty Senate


    Chair: Erika Cretton-Scott         Phone: 205-726-4370    Office: ING 236
    Vice-Chair: David Luthin            Phone: 205-726-4223    Office: ING 205
    Secretary: Lisa Gurley                 Phone: 205-726-2060    Office: HEAL 232

    Faculty Senate Email: facultysenate@samford.edu

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    Meetings for 2015-2016 Academic Year

    Faculty Senate Meetings:

    All meetings are in Ingalls 118 at 3 p.m. and are open to all faculty. Only senators may vote. 

    Monday, August 24
    Monday, September 28
    Monday, October 19
    Monday, November 16
    Monday, January 25
    Monday, February 15
    Monday, March 14
    Monday, April 18 

    Full Faculty Meetings:

    To be determined 

    Senate Executive Council Meetings:

    To be determined

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    Representatives By School+

    Executive Council At-Large Members

    To be determined at September meeting

    The Arts

    David Glenn
    Eric Mathis
    Larry Thompson (fall 2015 fill-in is Preston Hite)
    Grant Dalton

    Arts & Sciences

    David Bains
    Stephen Chew
    Bruce Atkinson
    Drew Hataway
    Charlotte Brammer
    LeeAnn Reynolds
    Angela Ferguson
    Delane Tew
    Scott McGinnis
    Lynette Sandley
    Corey Johnson
    Mark Baggett
    Jane Hiles


    Kay Guess
    Jeremy Thornton
    Sara McCarty


    Piotr Malaysz
    Osvaldo Padilla


    Monique Witherspoon
    Mandy Hilsmier

    Health Professions and Public Health

    Ralph Gold
    John Petrella


    Rusty Johnson
    Greg Laughlin



    Della Darby
    Beth Ashmore


    Andrea Collins
    Jane Holston
    Elaine Marshall
    Lora Shelton


    P.J. Hughes 
    Gary Bumgarner
    Anna Meador
    Jessica Skelley

    Public Health

    Patricia Terry


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    Instructions for Loading Minutes into Sharepoint+

    1. Go to site: https://sp.samford.edu/sites/facultysenate
    2. Click on folder name for your committee.
    3. Click on “+add document.”
    4. Click on “Browse” button.
    5. Select document to upload.
    6. Click “OK.”

    Minutes are loaded into site.

    Additional Notes:

    1. The proper format for naming minutes is: Year-Month-Day Minutes—abbreviated committee name, i.e. “2010-02-07 Minutes—Handbook Committee.”
    2. At end of year, a hard copy of minutes must be printed out, signed and dated by the chair of  the committee and forwarded to the office of the provost for permanent safekeeping in the university archives.