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"Beware the man of one book."

Thomas Aquinas

Inquiry, Discussion, Faith, Reason.  The Samford Core Texts Program is committed to making your first year of college a meaningful intellectual experience that will shape the way you think for the rest of your life.  You worked hard to arrive at this point, and now it is time to work harder.  The conversation you enter here will go with you into your careers, your churches, your communities, and your families.  As you plan your semester keep a few things in mind: 


First, note important dates on the calendar that supplement the classroom experience.  Not all will offer convo credit, but most will be worth your time.    

Second, take a moment to learn what resources are available to improve your understanding of course content and your writing.  The Communication Resource Center and the Core Texts Student Teaching Assistants are here to help you.  Also, note the Core Texts reading area on the first floor of the library.  Here are collections of books you read for class, histories of the time periods you study, supplemental secondary works to help you with the material, and even audio recordings. 


Third, think about taking advantage of travel opportunities related to the curriculum.  We will be launching the London Core Texts Summer Program in the near future, and the Department of Classics offers two fantastic Jan Term courses in Athens and Rome.  All three opportunities combine core texts content while experiencing the history and culture of places you have studied.  

Fourth, write every paper knowing that it might be nominated for the Core Texts Student Paper Award.  Nominees are recognized at President Westmoreland's home at the end of spring semester where the top two finalists and the winner are announced.  

 Finally, take a moment (or two) to talk with your professor.  Regardless of your career path you are in the Core Texts Program for two semesters, and this Samford difference will forever be part of who you are.  We want to know you.  We care about your future.                     

Important Dates

 Between Athens and Jerusalem, Thursday, October 2, 10:00 AM, Reid Chapel,  Convo credit provided. 

 Understanding the Renaissance, Thursday, November 13, 10:00 AM, Reid Chapel.  Convo credit provided.                     


Communication Resource Center

Student Teaching Assistants

The Core Texts Program is devising a system of student mentoring that utilizes talented upper division students in Humanities majors to assist faculty and first-year students as tutors and discussion leaders.  These assistants will represent the best of their majors, and they will help students adjust to the "great conversation" of the Core Texts Program.

London Core Texts Summer

Each fall faculty nominate the top students from their classes to participate in the London Core Texts Program held every May at the conclusion of Spring semester.  This unique two week experience allows talented and ambitious students an opportunity to study important authors and see famous sites from English history and literature while staying at Samford University's London residence, The Daniel House.

Core Texts Student Essay Contest

Each academic year faculty nominate student papers to be considered for the award of best Core Texts Student Paper of The Year.  First, second, and third place winners are recognized with a cash prize presented at a spring reception at the president's house.

Howard College Cultural Passport

The Howard College of Arts and Sciences provides all students in the Core Texts Program with a "Cultural Passport" that can be used for free or discounted access to a number of museums and artistic venues in the Birmingham area.  The passports and instructions will be distributed to students at the beginning of fall semester.  For more information please contact Victoria Knierim, vsknieri@samford.edu726-4531
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