• Project Management Certificate

    Managing Technical Projects and Project Fundamentals Certificate

    This certificate is for anyone who is considering or already in a career project management that will include technology aspects. These courses will cover the skills required to be successful and working with projects that involve project tracking, business intelligence, reports & systems and security fundamentals.  These courses are not your “traditional” style project management courses. They cover project management with the nuance of technology as it effects projects.

    ·        Project Management Fundamentals for "Tech" Projects

    ·        Building Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

    ·        Reading and Writing Effective Technical Requirements

    ·        Risk and Requirements Management for Project Managers

    ·        Security Fundamentals for Project Managers

    Project Management Fundamentals for “Tech” Projects*

    We believe you need project management fundamentals, regardless of the role you play in your company.  We have heard an increasing need from you that you need these skills refreshed as it relates to "technical" projects or the "technical elements" that are always part of each new project. This course gives you the information that you need combined with how to relate to tech projects, so that you can effectively manage the project and its technical requirements.

    Building Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

    If you are new to the idea and the role of Project Management or you are simply interested, then you probably already noticed the PM for Tech Projects course. This session takes the information you already know or just learned about Project Management and teaches you how to use software to manage those details. There are many tools for Project Management, but for this course, we focus on Microsoft Office Project and how to get the most from it by starting with a good plan and understanding more about Project.

    Reading and Writing Effective Technical Requirements 

    You may find yourself reading or writing requirements have had little experience of designing software requirements specifications also known as software functional specifications or system specifications. Lots of projects include reading and/or writing technical requirements. Requirements are the foundation for the development of a new product. They often aid in later creating needed documentation like user documentation and media. Writing effective requirements are a key contributor to the success of the project.

    Risk and Requirements Management for Project Managers 

    Risk in natural and we all have our own responses to risks in our daily lives.  In project management there are some tools that we can leverage to manage those risks and strategically address them before they impact our projects.  Using these tools, we get ahead of the things that threaten success and increase our confidence that we can deliver successfully.  

    Security Fundamentals for Project Managers 

    Your users need access to data to do their jobs and you can’t monitor or prevent everything they do.  So, security awareness training is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from data breaches.  Introduction to Security, Social Engineering, Mobile Devices, Policies, Security Incidents, Disclosure Laws.