• Pharmacy: Continuing Education

    For any pharmacist, continuing education is an important aspect of career development. At the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, we offer a wide variety of continuing education courses to keep pharmacists on the cutting edge of the science.

    Goal: To serve the professional development needs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

    Mission: The Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education seeks to design and implement high-quality programming that promotes meaningful interaction as a healthcare team, leading to meaningful improvement of pharmacy practice and patient care. 

    Upcoming CE Sessions+

    November 1: Homecoming CERegister Online

    December 7:Alabama State Board of Pharmacy Update 2014Register Online

    December 2014:Pharmacotherapy Update Online CEs

    January 10: Sterile Products Training

    January 10: APhA Immunization CTP

    January 25: Preceptor CE

    February 7: APhA Diabetes CTP

    March 10: Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis/Asthma

    March 14: Sterile Products Training

    March 14: APhA MTM CTP

    April 7: Healthcare Policy & Law Updates

    May 3: Hypertension and Cholesterol Updates

    CPE Monitor Process+

    The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have together developed new software which will track all attendance or completion of ACPE approved CE courses.  The first step for the pharmacist or technician is to create a CE account and acquire a new ACPE ID number. To do this, follow these steps: 

    • You must have an email address.  If you do not have one, there are a number of free email services online. 
    • Go to: www.nabp.net/programs.  The page will open to CPE Monitor Service. 
    • After a few paragraphs about CPE monitor service, there is a link that reads, Set up your NABP e-Profile to obtain your ID.  Click on this link.
    • The next page allows you to log in if you are a member already, or you may select New User Registration. Selecting this will take you to a page that asks for a number of information items. 
    • Complete the information and at the bottom and enter the password of your choice.
    • The next page will ask you for your state and license number. You have the option to Add Another for additional states.
    • The last page allows you to review your states and licenses or your personal information and password.
    • Logout
    • You will receive an email with your new CPE Monitor ID#.  Save this! You will need it for every CE activity. 

    In obtaining your ID number, you also set up a CE account.  You may go online at any time and see the CE programs and hours that you have completed. 

    In the future, any ACPE CE activity you complete/attend will require your CPE Monitor ID#.  You will also have to give the month and day of your birth date, MM/DD, not the year.  The people presenting the activity will record your number in the ACPE database, and your account will be updated showing your new CE hours. You will no longer receive paper CE hour statements. 

    At the conclusion of each year, ACPE/NABP will send to the state board of pharmacy a report of all CE hours acquired by all pharmacists and all technicians in the state.  You will no longer have to keep up with CE hour statements; nor can you be short on CE hours and hope you won't be audited by the board of pharmacy. 

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