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The Office of Marketing and Communication can create formal and informal invitations on request. Guidelines may be found below. Generally, invitations should be mailed approximately six weeks before an event. Designing and printing should be requested at least 15 business days before the mail date.

Invitation Tips

If an invitation requires, list committee members on the inside right panel of a double-fold card or on the back of the invitation. List the chair first, followed by an alphabetical list of committee members. Be consistent about the use of honorifics and the format of names.

Ticket prices should be stated on the reply card, not on the invitation.
In addition to “Will attend” and “Will not attend,” the response card should have spaces to fill in the name(s), address, telephone number and email of the person responding.

If part of the proceeds represents a charitable contribution, U.S. law demands that you notify donors of the fair market value of the event. The reply card is often used to state the amount of the ticket price that constitutes a tax-deductible contribution, but providing this information does not substitute for sending a receipt. Make sure you understand how these amounts are to be calculated and what donor-notification process is required.

Provide a line on the response card for recipients to make a donation if they cannot attend a fund-raising event.

Enclose an unstamped return envelope addressed to the person responsible for recording replies.

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