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The Samford Website

One of the challenges of 21st-century technology is providing an institutional website that meets the needs of a broad constituency. Samford University’s website provides a common look and feel across most university-sponsored pages (personal websites are not in the scope of this project). The look of a page applies to its visual nature, including graphics, colors, fonts and layouts. The feel applies to the organization of the page, including navigation, editing style and content.

A web presence is a marketing tool to promote the university and to attract the talent needed to attain its teaching, learning, research and service goals. A cohesive web presence portrays one Samford University with opportunities for diverse populations. Although it serves the needs of a broad constituency, it first and foremost is designed for prospective students.

Samford University’s web presence:

  • is based upon quality research and best practices.
  •  conveys a strong sense of identity through the university brand—a totality of what the university represents that goes beyond the singularities of logo, mark, mascot, etc.
  •  maintains thematic harmony so there will be no question each page represents Samford University, regardless of the entry web page.
  •  uses a navigation system that requires no knowledge of internal university organization or structure but provides intuitive access for the user to review the range of information available and the various opportunities within the university.

To reach our primary target audience of potential students while remaining true to the guiding principles, a new Samford University homepage was launched in September 2012. The new template will be used as departments and other university entities choose to redesign sites.

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