Samford University


Customer Service as Branding

Providing excellent customer service to the university’s constituents is part of the Samford brand. All employees represent the entire university, regardless of their specific program assignment.


It is suggested that everyone answer telephones with the name of the department/office and their personal name. Callers often are routed to the wrong telephone extension, and complete identification assists the caller.

Voice Mail

Employees are encouraged to utilize the university’s voice mail system by having away messages that reflect the employees’ status, including name of the employee, day/date and when the employee expects to be back in the office to return telephone calls.

Name badges / security badges

All Samford employees are encouraged to wear name badges or security badges at all times. This assists campus visitors and others in identifying those on campus who might be able to assist with questions.


Permanent signs or banners representing the university in public places should be professionally produced to reflect the university’s brand.


The appearance of campus facilities is an important part of the Samford brand. For instance, picking up visible trash around campus is a small act but ensures that the campus has a positive image for visitors.


Responding to questions from constituents is another critically important part of the Samford brand. Even if you do not know the answer, do your best to help direct the individual to the appropriate office. If you’re unsure, The Hub always can be a source of information.

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