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    Undergraduate Dean's Advisory Council

    The mission of the School of Business Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is to represent and respond to student concerns, to bring faculty and students together, to promote the development and growth of academic programs and facilities thus striving to make our school distinctive among other professional schools.

    Student Advisors

    • Jacob Apelt
    • Victoria Batson
    • Jessica Boyd
    • Victoria Domitrovich
    • Cameron Gonzalez
    • Micah Green-Holloway
    • Madison Kerns
    • Laura Klein
    • Kate Lee McDonnell
    • David McTier
    • Grant Schumpert
    • Caleb Smith

    Faculty & Staff

    • Dr. J. Howard Finch
    • Dr. Barbara Cartledge

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    Best New Entrepreneurship Program by USASBE (2010)