Mats Tunehag to speak to Samford Brock School of Business Students Aug. 26


 Birmingham, Ala. -- The Birmingham Business as Mission Network is hosting a program Aug. 26 for Samford University students featuring Mats Tunehag, a businessman, freelance consultant, speaker and writer from Sweden.  The 4 p.m. event will be in Dwight Beeson Hall on the Samford campus.
Tunehag is a sought after speaker on Business as Mission topics around the world. He has worked in nearly half the countries of the world, developing global strategic alliances for various aims and constituencies, including Business as Mission.  Tunehag initiated and co-led the first and second global think tank on Business as Mission for the Lausanne Movement. He also serves with a global investment fund based on Christian values that helps small to medium sized businesses in the Arab world and Asia grow in size and holistic impact by providing financial, intellectual and human capital.  
“We’re very fortunate to have this opportunity to have our students on campus learn from Mats Tunehag,” said Howard Finch, Brock School of Business dean.  “We offer our students the opportunity throughout the school year to hear from dynamic and accomplished speakers in the business world, like Mats.  He is world-renowned for the work he has done in social entrepreneurship, so students will have the opportunity to see first-hand some of the things they are taught in the classroom.”
Tunehag also is a global spokesperson on Religious Liberty & Freedom of Speech for the World Evangelical Alliance.  He serves on the Global Council of Advocates International, a global network of 30,000 lawyers in more than 120 countries.  These responsibilities led Tunehag to lecture for lawyers in Europe, Latin America and North America on human rights issues and lessons learned in building strategic and influential alliances shaping public opinion and legislation.
About the Brock School of Business: 

Samford University’s Brock School of Business has a long history of achievements in business education. The university has offered degrees in business and commerce since 1922. In 1965, the School of Business was established to offer both bachelors and masters degrees in business. It was formally named the Brock School in 2007 for Birmingham banker and Samford trustee Harry B. Brock Jr., reflecting his long career in business and his commitment to high quality business and entrepreneurship education. The Brock School of Business holds AACSB Accreditation, the benchmark of quality worldwide and the most widely sought after standard of excellence by U.S. business schools.