Students Manage More Than $1.7 Million in Endowment Funds

Launched in 2008, The Bulldog Investment Fund is a student-managed fund, taught as a course (FINC 450/525) in the Brock School of Business at Samford University by Prof. John Venable and his Regions Bank colleague Mr. Matt Smith. With final, binding decisions for investment trades resting in the hands of students--the hallmark of student ownership--this is truly a unique learning experience.


Students (undergraduate and graduate) are accepted by application (received in mid-October and mid-April for the next semester) and interview and have the opportunity to learn the science and art of investment management. The resulting team confronts real market issues, discovers and analyzes real stocks, and invests real dollars. As fund managers, they make regular presentations to the members of the Investment Committee of the Samford University Board of Trustees. Shortly after the inception of  the Fund, the Board was so impressed with its ranking--among the nation's top three percent of student-managed funds--that Samford's Trustees voted to increase the investment pool to more than $1.7 million.  Online MBA students are not eligible to participate in the Bulldog Investment Fund.

For more information about the program, contact John Venable, faculty advisor to the Fund.