Brock Scholars Program

Program Rationale:

The Brock Scholars Program was created to serve University Fellows who choose to pursue an academic major in the Brock School of Business.

The University Fellows Program, the University's new honors program, was initiated in 2008. Whether a student explores justice with Plato, grace with Augustine, motion with Galileo or economics with Smith, the University Fellows Program is intended to challenge students to think deeply about what they believe and why. In addition, the program believes that putting knowledge into right action requires wisdom and, to that end, the program is committed to understanding how the classical and Christian virtues are essential to the cultivation of responsible citizenship. 

Brock Scholars Major:

The Brock Scholars major is an imaginative, demanding and competitive program of study designed for University Fellows who desire to major in business. Brock Scholars are selected annually through a rigorous application process in the spring of the freshman year. The program allows students the flexibility to create their own unique curriculum, coupled with international travel, student research, hands-on experience through internships and a high degree of faculty involvement.

Program Learning Goals (6) and Objectives (18):

Effective Communication(3); Corporate and Social Responsibility (3); Teamwork(3); Quantitative Literacy (3); Discipline-Specific Knowledge (3); and Virtue Development (3).

Summary of Program:

Brock Scholars design their own degree program in conjunction with their faculty committee (three faculty, one may come from outside the Brock School of Business), who will approve their entire program of study. The program consists of the following coursework:

Required Business Courses (22 Credits):

BUSA 100, ACCT 211

BSBB 430- Brock Scholars Seminar (3 Credits)

BSBB 201- Brock Scholars Internship (3 Credits)

BSBB 302 (2 times) - Oxbridge Tutorial (1 Credit Each)

BSBB 301- Summer Fellowship (4 Credits)

BSBB 410- Senior Research Project I (2 Credits)

BSBB 420- Senior Research Project II (2 Credits)


Core Business Coursework (30 Credits):

ACCT 212, ECON 201, ECON 202, BUSA 231, MNGT 303, MARK 311, FINC 321, MNGT 342, BUSA 360 and MNGT 481

(NOTE: Any of these courses can be replaced/substituted with related business coursework applicable to the student's chosen course of study upon approval from the appropriate department chair and the student's faculty committee).

Additional Major Courses/Electives:

The major allows the flexibility for academic coursework to come from other diciplines outside of the Brock School of Business.