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Other Services, Requirements and Costs

Activity Fees

Tennis, swimming, racquetball and many other recreational activities are available without charge. The field house has an indoor jogging track. Outdoor activities, such as white-water rafting, rappelling, etc., are sponsored by the Student Government Association. Fees are charged to cover the actual cost of these activities.

Check Cashing

The Bookstore is authorized to cash checks up to $50 per day for a student whose account is in good standing. The face of the check must have the student’s name, local address, and telephone number and student identification number.   Students must present a valid photo ID. A student who presents a check to Samford University that is not honored by the bank will be charged $30. If that check is not redeemed within 10 days of notification; the student may be subject to disciplinary or legal action. All check cashing privileges are revoked after the third returned check.

Medical Insurance for Students  

A student injury and sickness insurance plan is available to undergraduate and graduate students and their dependents.   All students will be required to provide proof of medical insurance coverage.Any student not able to provide proof of coverage will be required to obtain a policy from the University's approved carrier and the charge will be posted to the student's account.

Based upon Federal Regulations and University policy, all F and J visa holders must have health insurance coverage for themselves and all dependents during residency in the U.S.  Insurance may be obtained by the student independently or purchased through the University but must contain certain required coverage.  Proof of coverage is required before registering for classes.  Information about specific policy carriers, minimum coverage, and premium costs are available from the International Studies Office at (205) 726-2741.

Membership Fees  

Some student organizations have an annual membership fee.  In addition, Greek organizations have monthly dues along with an initiation fee. These fees are charged directly by such organizations and will not be posted on student accounts.

The Samford Card and Bulldog Bucks

All students are required to have an official Samford University photo ID (Samford Card), made and recorded by the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management.  These IDs offer students a convenient, safe and easy way to make purchases and utilize campus services.  It is used as an identification card, meal card, library card, and for access to certain facilities.  With activation of Bulldog Bucks, the Samford Card can be used to make purchases on campus, as well as at local retailers and restaurants.  Bulldog Bucks work similarly to a checking account in that the deposited funds are debited each time a student makes a purchase.

ManageMyID will allow students, parents and employees to deposit money online, without any credit card fees, into Bulldog Bucks.  Using the link, cardholders can budget their account by tracking spending and report a lost or stolen card at any time.

Student Telephone Services

Local telephone service is included in housing charges. Telephones are not included and must be provided by the student. Resident students can dial any local or intra-campus call with no additional charge. 

Samford no longer provides long-distance services to students. Most students use the long-distance services provided by their own cellular telephone service plan.  Students who need long distance services should make arrangements with a long distance carrier and use that carrier’s access (usually dialing an 800 number) to make long-distance calls. For more information regarding telephone service, contact Telephone Services at (205) 726-2996.