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    Brock Hall

    Davis Architects Series

    The Davis Architects Series brings the finest artists from the chamber music world onto the Samford campus for performances and workshops with Samford students.

    Single tickets for the Davis Series are $25 each. Season tickets are available for $90.

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    Michael J. And Mary Anne Freeman Theatre And Dance Series

    Each year, the Samford School of the Arts presents the Michael J. and Mary Anne Freeman Theatre and Dance Series. This series features Samford students and faculty creating incredible performances in the world of dance and theatre.

    Individual seats for the Freeman Series are $12 for adults and $6 for students. Season ticket packages are $50.

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    Birmingham Music Club Series

    Bringing the world to Birmingham. That’s what the Birmingham Music Club has been doing best since 1905. We aim to present amazing artists of local, national and international renown and this year is no exception.

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    Birmingham Chamber Music Society Series

    The Birmingham Chamber Music Society strives to present nationally and internationally acclaimed chamber music ensembles in an annual series to build the audience and support for chamber music.

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    Brock Recital Hall

    Signature Series

    The best in the performing arts is at Samford University. With fabulous performances from artists and students in multiple disciplines, outstanding venues and affordable prices, make Samford your destination for the Arts.

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