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    Athletics Project Poster


    Enhance the SamfordStrong Leadership Academy

    Project Goal: $3,000

    Athletes are often in the news for making bad choices. Because of the SamfordStrong Leadership Academy, these will not be Samford athletes. This new speaker series brings well-known and respected professional athletes, like Picabo Street, to share life lessons and valuable advice. Your gift will prepare our athletes to be better business men and women, life partners, parents and community leaders. Help us ensure Samford athletes are highlighted and known for the good they accomplish.

    Brock School of Business & University Fellows

    Support Rwanda students coming to Samford

    Project Goal: $3,800

    Join forces with Samford’s Brock School of Business and University Fellows in support of students from east Africa planning to attend our university. Life in Birmingham is much different than life in east Africa. Take the weather for example. Our new students will likely need winter clothing. They will also need a laptop for their studies, a small monthly living stipend to explore what our great state has to offer and dorm supplies…because you just can’t fit a college careers worth of bed linens, bath towels and desk lamps into one or two suitcases! Your gift will change lives by ensuring a first-class higher education opportunity for students who would not experience Samford otherwise.

    Health Professions Project Poster

    School of Health Professions (Kinesiology)

    Improve clinical education through Go Pro Cameras

    Project Goal: $1,000

    Excellence and professionalism are key in the School of Health Professions. In order to best conduct special tests and treat orthopedic injuries, our students need to be able to guarantee they are performing each task effectively and accurately every single time. Purchasing 4 Go Pro Cameras, and affixing them to body mounts, will let professions clearly see how students are handling a patient’s tests injuries, allowing for through assessments and corrections if necessary. Your gift will enhance clinical education and better prepare our kinesiology students to become the best health care professionals possible.

    Public Health Project Poster

    School of Public Health (Nutrition & Dietetics)

    Launch an interactive nutrition lab

    Project Goal: $1,000

    We know the key to healthy living is eating right and exercising. But, what does healthy eating look like? In this interactive nutrition lab, the first of its kind at Samford, will have food models and educational materials that actually show what a healthy portion looks like. Alumni will even be able to borrow these items to use in their own nutrition programs and with their own clients. Your support enhances the education of Samford’s nutrition and dietetics students, and ultimately leads to a healthier community.

    Daniel House Project Poster

    Daniel House

    Renovate the student lounge

    Project Goal: $3,500

    When you study abroad at Samford, you become part of a long-standing university tradition. However, being so far away from home can be intimidating. We want to ease the transition by providing a welcoming, comfortable environment where students can fellowship, catch up at the end of a long day and share their experiences with one another. At the Daniel House, lives are changed and new perspective on the world is given. Your gift will not only renovate the student lounge, but preserve and improve the Daniel House experience for all who have the opportunity to call it home.

    Howard College Project Poster

    Howard College of Arts & Sciences

    Discover truths about Christianity with The Big Dig

    Project Goal: $5,000

    Take a journey with Dr. Strange and his students to the small Jewish village of Shikin in Galilee to conduct an archeological dig and uncover details of village life in the time of Jesus. What conditions did the people live in? Why did Jesus say the things he said? Your gift will allow more students to go on this trip, help discover the realities of Jesus’ day, and provide context and a greater understanding for His teachings.

    Nursing Project Poster

    Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing

    Advocate for nursing research in Washington, D.C.

    Project Goal: $3,980

    Samford doesn’t just create nurses. We create Moffett Nurses who stand out among their peers because of the knowledgeable, professional and personal care they provide to their patients. One aspect of belonging to this elite class of nurses is the opportunity for professional development, such as the student policy summit hosted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Your gift will allow 5 graduate and undergraduate IVMSON students to attend this highly-competitive summit in Washington, D.C. to learn about the federal policy process and advocate for the profession of nursing. You can ensure Moffett Nurses are aptly well-represented among the top nursing students from across the country.

    Pharmacy Project Poster

    McWhorter School of Pharmacy

    Send students to Cambodia to provide medical care

    Project Goal: $4,000

    Hands-on field experience is critical to becoming an excellent professional pharmacist. MSOP’s medical mission trips take this one step further. While students are providing medical care to those who need it most, they are also using this opportunity of jam-packed 12-hour work days to share the Gospel and spread the Word of God. By supporting this project, you provide more than medicine. You allow our students to give physical and spiritual healing to the people of Cambodia.

    Spiritual Life Project Poster

    Office of Spiritual Life

    Encourage student’s spiritual journey with a Christian Faith Lecture Series

    Project Goal: $5,000

    For as long as we can remember, convo credits have been a requirement for graduation. And convo hour has recently been limited to 10-11:00 a.m. two days per week. But, what about our commuter or non-traditional students who can’t be on campus at that time? Or what if you have class conflicts? Well, the Office of Spiritual Life is here to help with the introduction of a new initiative on Wednesday afternoons. This Christian Faith Lecture Series will bring national and world-renowned speakers to Samford’s campus. Exposure of this natures will add to the diversity and complexity of our campus community. Your gift can ease the lore of not having enough convo credits to graduate and, more significantly, challenge Samford students to expand their horizons and think globally.

    Office of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

    Upgrade sound equipment in Harry’s

    Project Goal: $2,500

    Harry’s is home to many extracurricular activities that enrich the student life experience. From concerts featuring the talents of student performers to fundraisers and leadership seminars, it provides a spacious, casual setting for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to appreciate much that Samford has to offer. But, what good is a concert, fundraiser or seminar if you can’t hear what anyone has to say? Your gift will upgrade Harry’s sound equipment…ultimately enriching lives across campus and beyond.

    Operations & Planning

    Build an on-campus gathering space outside Davis Library

    Project Goal: $2,500

    Samford’s Department of Operation and Planning influences so many intricacies of daily life at the university, especially campus improvements. This year, help us create an additional on campus gathering space. In its current state, the area directly outside Davis Library is essentially a concrete patio with a few stairs leading to the library’s entry. Your gift can transform this space into an area with new benches and large flower pots filled with beautiful blossoms. Let’s give students a place to gather, fellowship, think and collaborate. After all, sometimes the best ideas start outside the classroom.

    Education Project Poster

    Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education

    Teach students first-hand how law and policy impacts family life

    Project Goal: $3,000

    This summer the department of Human Development and Family Law Education (HDFLE) will bring a class of education students to Washington, D.C. The benefits of this trip extend to all of Samford’s school of education students regardless of their specific major. While in D.C., our students will become well acquainted with the city touring Supreme Court, historical monuments, and Capitol Hill. Students will also meet with individual congressmen to discuss family law and public policy. First-hand knowledge of our nation’s capital will be invaluable for those who become professional educators when teaching their own students. For those who pursue careers in social work or law, this insider look at the impact law and policy has on family life, in situations such as adoption and divorce, will provide an unmatched professional advantage. Your gift will make this trip more affordable for the students who hope to attend. You will not only help enhance our students’ careers, but also enhance the lives of those they are called to serve.

    Arts Project Poster

    School of the Arts

    Complete a newly designed place of worship in Ecuador

    Project Goal: $3,000

    Samford’s interior architecture students are building a sense of community through a Christian camp in the Central Andes…and you can help. Under the direction of their professors, students carefully researched the location, culture and challenges of Camp Chacauco in order to renovate the camp’s main assembly building that is used by national and international churches for worship and missionary outreach. Your gift will help complete the renovations this summer and have a lasting impact on the camp and the individuals it serves.