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    Athletics Project Poster


    Provide for children in need through Samford’s Shoe A Nation Project

    Project Goal: $5,000 for shoes, athletic camps and travel

    Samford Athletics is an active participant and supporter of the Samford Shoe A Nation Project. On July 24, 2014, ten student athletes will be in the Caribbean nation of Dominica assisting in distributing shoes to the 6,000 children there who are without. Our student athletes will also host athletic camps for the children, teaching them about the value of teamwork, discipline, goal –setting and persistence. Your gift enables our student athletes to making a lasting positive impression on the health and livelihood of the children of Dominica. Learn More

    Divinity Project Poster

    Beeson Divinity School

    Renovate the Student Commons and Coffee Lounge

    Project Goal: $2,000 for new, inviting chairs

    Do you remember spending time in the Beeson Divinity School’s Student Commons? A gathering space to study, enjoy lunch with classmates and professors, get caught up on mail and announcements and fellowship, the Student Commons undoubtedly played a role in your daily life and formation as a Beeson student.

    This year, join us in creating a beautiful new space for students, professors and alumni with the renovation of the Student Commons and former Cokesbury bookstore. Your contribution will go toward providing new and inviting seating in the Coffee Lounge, which will be housed in the former Cokesbury bookstore. We look forward to catching up with you over a fresh cup of coffee!

    Business Project Poster

    Brock School of Business

    Build the New Brock School of Business

    Project Goal: $3,000

    In the fall of 2015, a new generation of business students will pour into the halls of the Brock School of Business. But, because of alumni, parents and friends like you, their classrooms and hallways will look much different than they did even a few short years prior.

    We need your commitment to build and sustain a “next generation building” for the next generation of students, faculty, staff and the Birmingham community. By giving to the Brock School of Business Building during Samford’s Big Give, you become part of the foundation for reviving a sense of learning, innovation and opportunity. Learn More

    Law Project Poster

    Cumberland School of Law

    Award Book Scholarships

    Project Goal: $1,000

    This year, Cumberland School of Law is participating in Samford University’s Big Give to provide a unique opportunity for alumni, parents and friends to invest in the People of Cumberland.

    Cumberland School of Law produces exceptional lawyers. But, becoming a lawyer is often not without significant financial commitments. In addition to scholarships for academic courses, Cumberland is also able to offer book scholarships, further easing the financial burden of 1st year law students.

    We need your help to increase the breadth and depth of these scholarships. Your gift of any size will directly impact the quality and quantity of book scholarships Cumberland can offer its students, ensuring the resources to continue attracting the best and the brightest.

    Arts and Sciences Project Poster

    Howard College of Arts and Sciences

    Encourage learning through ASPIRE Student Research Grants

    Project Goal: $10,000, in honor of the program’s 10th Anniversary, for 4 grants

    Created in the summer of 2004, the Arts and Sciences Program for Independent Research (ASPIRE) allows students the chance to roll up their sleeves and take a deeper look at original topics they are passionate about. From wading in Alabama rivers to collect water samples and scouring prison records for information on historic civil rights, to conducting interviews with Bosnia’s civil war survivors and uncovering 2,000 year old Israeli civilizations, students from a myriad of Arts and Sciences disciplines call ASPIRE the best educational experience of their college years! Lean more about ASPIRE. Learn More

    Nursing Project Poster

    Ida. V. Moffett School of Nursing

    Increase available skills lab equipment

    Project Goal: $2,000 for clinical lab resources and equipment

    At Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing we are committed to providing our students every possible opportunity to practice and perfect their nursing skills prior to entering the clinical setting. Your gift through the Big Give will allow us to purchase additional equipment that students can check out and use to perfect their clinical skills outside of their designated lab times. Thanks to your generosity, our students will be better prepared for clinical experiences and continue to show the world the value of a Moffett Nurse. 

    Health Professions Project Poster

    Kinesiology/School of Health Professions

    Honor Dr. Jim Angel

    Project Goal: $1,000 toward scholarship endowment

    Dr. Jim Angel is a beloved professor in the Department of Kinesiology in the School of Health Professions. As a part of Samford’s faculty for nearly 30 years, he continues to play a vital role in the kinesiology program’s existence. Because of his tenure, he has had the rare opportunity to form a personal connection with nearly all of the program’s alumni.

    Your gift to the James B. Angel Scholarship Fund will honor the work of Dr. Jim Angel, who helped inspire both the sports medicine and exercise science programs, including kinesiology. The scholarship will be awarded annually to help ensure the education of students in the aforementioned programs, which Dr. Angel has significantly impacted. Will you join us in continuing Dr. Angel’s passion for the professional and spiritual development of his students with a contribution to this fund in his honor?

    Pharmacy Project Poster

    McWhorter School of Pharmacy

    Allow Professional Development for Students

    Project Goal: $3,000 for 20 students to attend professional development meetings

    Many McWhorter graduates can testify to the important relationships built and growth experienced by attending the national meeting of a student professional association. In fact, attending these professional association meetings is an important part of the professional development process for a McWhorter School of Pharmacy student.

    However, our alumni play a crucial role in the sustainability of this program. Without their support, these opportunities would not occur. For $150, one student can travel to and attend a professional association meeting; $450 supports 3 students; and a gift of $900 supports 6 students’ participation. Will you help us reach this important goal of extending education beyond the classroom by sending 20 students to professional association meetings?

    Public Health Project Poster

    Nutrition & Dietetics/School of Public Health

    Assist top-performing students those with financial need

    Project Goal: $1,000 toward scholarship endowment

    We need your help to raise $1,000 toward the Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship Fund for the School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Your investment helps ensure top-performing students, and students with great financial need, are able to complete their nutrition and dietetics education at Samford University. Additionally, the scholarship fund also assists students seeking international study opportunities.

    Education Project Poster

    Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education

    Enable international travel for education students

    Project Goal: $3,500 to send students to abroad

    Each year, in conjunction with President and Mrs. Westmoreland, a group of education students travels abroad to Indonesia for a journey full of exploration and discovery. While abroad, students build relationships with children and teachers in local schools. Time and time again, participants in the Indonesia trip echo the sentiments of how international experience will enrich their profession and interactions with future students. 

    We hope you will join us in providing this once-in-a-lifetime learning enrichment opportunity to our future educators in the school of education.

    Arts Project Poster

    School of the Arts

    Offer educational enrichment through the Birmingham Museum of Art

    Project Goal: $3,000 for 300 student BMA memberships

    Samford's School of the Arts community is distinguished by the accomplishments of faculty, students and alumni who carry the university's scholarship and creativity around the world.

    With your help, we can extend these efforts right here in Birminhgam. Your support during Samford’s Big Give provides each School of Arts student with  a membership to the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA). This membership will allow students to explore real-world artists first hand and outside of the pages of a text book. It will also empower students with knowledge and creativity, as they begin to envision their own future in the arts.

    University Fellows Project Poster

    University Fellows

    Support students with financial need through the University Fellows Emergency Assistance Fund

    Project Goal: $1,000 to provide textbook assistance for 4 students in the University Fellow program

    The University Fellows Emergency Assistance Fund helps students with non-tuition related expenses that could otherwise inhibit their Samford education. The fund has provided for fuel, living expenses, health insurance and even funeral expenses.

    However, our students most heavily rely on this fund to assist with textbooks. When our students reach their 300 and 400 level courses, one book can cost upward of $250. For some of our neediest students who work multiple part-time jobs and still successfully carry a full academic load, assistance with something as simple as a textbook makes college a bit more manageable.

    Your contribution to the University Fellows Emergency Assistance Fund will ensure at least 4 of today’s students are able to receive the support needed while working toward a Samford degree.