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Spring, Outside of Samford

 spring breakYour midterms are over, the papers are turned in, and the projects completed. It seemed like that week before spring break was the mountain separating you from the sun and the sand. For college students, this is probably the most eagerly anticipated week of the spring semester. For my spring break specifically, I packed up the car with my best girlfriends and headed down to Destin, Florida. 

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Being an Athlete


Samford Athletics contributes a lot to Samford as a whole. From tailgating at football games to cheering on the basketball teams, Samford students find themselves around athletic events all the time. While watching the events are great, being a part of an athletic team has added a lot to my personal Samford experience.


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Step Sing 2014

step singThird place was announced, and tensions rose. Second place was called, and we were anxious with suspense. For us, it was either all or nothing. After a short delay, we were crowned the winners of Step Sing 2014! We sprinted down from the top of the balcony to meet our directors who were waiting for us on stage. Countless photographs were taken, hugs were exchanged, and cheers of excitement were proclaimed. We had “swept the stakes” for the second year in a row. I know it will be nice having bragging rights around campus for one more year.

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snowFrom the sled rides down the football field to snowball fights on the quad, the Samford snowpocalypse gave me just one more thrilling memory at the most beautiful campus in the world. Most importantly, the gracious students who offered up help and the tirelessly working employees who kept us safe and fed reminded me of the love and family- like atmosphere that Samford students and employees display on a daily basis. 

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Jan Term at Samford

Jan TermBy the time everyone starts coming back to school for the spring semester, you're already moved in and used to the school routine. Jan Term may not be for everyone, but I'm thankful my school still offers a time for it's students to catch up, broaden their knowledge in different courses, and even study abroad.    

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Christmas at Samford

samford christmasAfter finishing finals and getting ready to head home for break, I am so grateful for my wonderful first semester experience, and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the semester than by celebrating Christ’s birth!

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Spiritual Life at Samford

 Worship Leadership Community

Coming into my first year at Samford, I can remember praying to God about a multitude of things that were on my heart, including my few worries I had about coming into college. I felt that considering the Christian environment I knew Samford already had, this wouldn’t be particularly hard. However, I didn’t recognize how much He would bless me.

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Homecoming 2013 Vlog

HC pic 2Beginning with swing dancing on Thursday night and ending with storming the football field after an overtime victory on Saturday evening, Homecoming 2013 at Samford was action packed and full of memories.   

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Dorm Life: A New Home

Abbie's New Home

I’ve now been here for three months and I am having an absolute blast! From sorority functions to all of the campus ministries offered there is always something fun to do. Even with all there is to offer, one of my favorite things is to get to spend time with all of my friends in the dorm. 

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Sorority Recruitment

Abigail Slone and Jordan SimpsonAfter a countdown that seemed to take FOREVER, a multitude of squeals arose as we all ran out onto the quad to meet our new sisters! I will never forget the sheer excitement and joy of that moment, and I can’t wait to get to know my sisters even more!

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Move-In and Connections Weekend

Move-In Day. Jordan's new home.You pull up to Samford’s campus with your car fully loaded (or in my case two cars). You’re anxious about what today holds. Between meeting new people, trying to fit all that you packed into your dorm room, and those dreaded final goodbyes, it all seems overwhelming.

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Meet Abigail Slone!

LAbigail Sloneooking back over my college decision process, I am so grateful that God led me to Samford and has surrounded me with such a loving, welcoming community. Even though I am nine hours away from home, I absolutely love my Samford family and I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything in the world.

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Meet McClain McKinney!

McClain McKinneyI have the opportunity to blog about my Samford freshman experience. Before I start sharing my new experiences I want to share with you how I got to be where I am now. I spent thirteen years at a college preparatory school in Marietta, Georgia called Walker. They helped to shape and mold me in so many different ways to prepare me for my college experience.

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Meet Jordan Simpson!

Jordan SimpsonI can't wait to continue my Samford story through my freshman year with you along for the ride. To begin, I want to tell you a little bit about myself so hopefully you'll see that we possibly are a lot alike!

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Meet Austin Ferrer!

Austin FerrerWhat an incredible honor it is for me to be a part of the blogging team here at Samford and have the opportunity to reach out to you by sharing my experiences as a Freshman student.

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Meet Abbie Cutcliffe!

Abbie CutcliffeWhen I initially started looking at schools, Samford was not even on my list. I had attended many camps here growing up, and I considered it way too close to home. I thought I wanted to get farther away so I could really experience something new for the next four years.. I could not have been more wrong about it!

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Birmingham: a new home to explore


If you've read my previous posts, you know that I absolutely love Samford. I love the community at Samford and the opportunities to serve that I've been given. However, one thing I haven't talked about is my love for this city. Growing up in small town Mississippi, I was a little nervous about moving to such a big city (big for me, at least). 


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Jan Term: journeying across the pond

jantermOne thing I really love about Samford is the fact that we get a 6-week winter break, when most schools have 3 to 4 weeks. During this break, there are 3 weeks of what we call "Jan Term." Basically, you can take a class in a 3-week time span and receive full credit. Some do this to get ahead, catch up, or make other semesters easier. However, a lot of students, you will find, use this time to travel! Samford has countless destinations chosen to take students on exploratory learning adventures. Rome, Costa Rica, and London are just a few awesome examples.

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Family Weekend: sharing my experience

family weekend

Family Weekend was a BLAST! It had gotten to that point in the semester when I could confidently say that I missed my family. I was so excited that they were coming for Samford's Family Weekend. My family includes my mom, dad, and 2 "sisters" (who are both foreign exchange students living with us this year) as well as my older brother, who is also a student at Samford.

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Worship Leadership: education outside of the classroom


If you've read my previous blog posts, you know that the Lord has given me a passion for worship leadership. At the beginning of the year, I began to pray that the Lord would open doors for me to serve not only on Samford's campus but also in the greater Birmingham community. During the FreshMin Retreat, I learned about different ways to get plugged in on campus, specifically about University Ministries and leadership positions within each ministry. I emailed one of the leaders for more information and then got involved.


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FreshMIN Retreat

freshMIN retreat

Ah, FreshMin Retreat--so much fun! To begin, I'll be honest and say that I was not very excited about going. This was the first true weekend of being a "college kid," and I was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. However, even though I contemplated not going, I made myself, and I am so glad that I did.


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Kara: My Story

Kara_MyStory3 Hi! My name is Kara Young. I am from Tupelo, Miss., and am so honored to be able to write for the Follow a Freshman blog here at Samford University. To begin, I wanted to tell you a little about myself in hopes of you seeing that I am a normal person and possibly a lot like you.

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